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DMS-1800V Hot and Cold Electrical Laminator

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 Largest rollers

    Fastest speed


Equipment Features

1. Infrared ray control temperature accurately without harming on silicone roller;

2. Unilateral linkage, easily up and down;

3. Two Methods of laminating: Automatic/ Foot control;

4. Variable speed regulation;

5. With reversing function;

6. Uncovering back paper and picking up finished product automatically;

7. Only need one person to operate to save cost;

8. Heating to 60 degree, avoiding bubble and snowflake thoroughly;

9. High rate of lamianting and finished products, whole film of 50m don't bevel;

10. Film and paper tightness-degree system makes the cold lamination have good tension, reduce the risk of laminating fold.

Pop-up & trade shows graphics, floor graphics, banners, advertising boards, indoor and outdoor signage etc.

Technical Parameters

Model DMS-1800V Speed Gear Control Stepless
Nominal Voltage 220V/110V Max roll film OD 200mm
Power 200W The diameter specification of Roll Film 3inches
Heating Power 1500W Lifting height for roller 30mm
Freque Responsency 50HZ-60HZ Method of pressure adjustment Pneumatic
Operating Temperature 0℃-60℃ Automatically uncovering film and rolling paper equipment Motor
Scope of Suitable Film Width 10-250μm Foot-propelled switch Yes
Warm-up Time 0-10Min Diameter of roller 180mm
Laminating width ≤1520mm Weight 330Kg
Max Speed 0-15m/min Product Size 1950*770*1180(mm)
Laminating Thickness 28mm Packing Size 2010*690*1380(mm)

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